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Discover more about the Jews in the First World War with our expertly curated History Windows, where you will find a wealth of material to search through.

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Jewish Victoria Cross Recipients

The Victoria Cross (VC) was introduced by Queen Victoria in 1857 as the highest award for gallantry.

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The United Synagogue 100 Years Ago... Remembering World War One

100 years ago, Europe stood on the cusp of a conflict of such frightening ferocity, that it would change the course of history.

General Allenby addressing the crowd in Jerusalem. Adrian Andrusier Collection.

General Allenby Enters Jerusalem

In November 1914, the Ottomans entered the First World War on the side of Germany, taking the war firmly into the Middle East and the rivalries and Western influences already prevalent there.

Our Uninterned. Punch magazine, October 1915. © Punch Limited

Punch 1914-18 - Cartoons, Humour and Satire

Here is a selection of cartoons and comments – mainly selected for the inclusion of a Jewish theme or reference.

Jews’ Free School First World War Magazines.

The Jewish Free School (JFS) was established in 1732 as the Talmud Torah of the Great Synagogue of London, serving orphans of the community

Accomation hut at Knockaloe camp, Isle of Man. Courtesy of Knockaloe virtual museum and archive.

Jews interned during the First World War

On August 5, 1914, immediately after the declaration of the First World War, the British Government passed the Aliens Restriction Act.

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