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Discover more about the Jews in the First World War with our expertly curated History Windows, where you will find a wealth of material to search through.

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Attack by Winsten, Clare. 1910. ©Ben Uri

Jewish Artists and the First World War

Around 1890 a group of Jewish children were born, who became important artists. They had a large and long lasting impact on British art in the Twentieth Century and each have interesting stories.

The Soul of an Officer, a sketch from one of Siegfried Sassoon’s journals. 1916.©University of Cambridge Digital Library

Poetry and the First World War

First World War poetry provides an access point for subsequent generations to try and understand an intense, complex event in our history, the scale of which seems incomprehensible.

outdoor service for the Jewish Battalion in Ludd Palestine, 1918. ©Jewish Museum

British Jewish Chaplaincy in the First World War, by Jonathan Lewis

In times of conflict a fighting man needed his God!

1914 JLB Camp at Sandhills, Deal near Kent

'A good Jew and a good Englishman'

The sacrifice of 535 soldiers who had been part of the Jewish Lads' Brigade.

Petticoat Lane HW

Petticoat Lane Market

‘The Greatest Sunday Open Air Market in the World. Everything may be bought here, from a Pair of Bootlaces to a Building’

The Siege of Sidney Street, January 1911

The Siege of Sidney Street was one of the most notorious events of the East End at the time.

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