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Documenting & commemorating the contribution London Jews made during the First World War.

Judah and Lipman Przybysz, outside Judah's tailor shop in the East End. A We Were There Too user has recently identified them as his great-uncles. ©Jewish Museum

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The First World War through the eyes of London’s Jewish children

Two bound manuscripts of stories, essays, poetry and drawings compiled by children and young people from the Religion School of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in London during the First World War, 1915-1916.

Personal Records

David Margofsky 02/02/1879 -1963
Florence Greenberg profile image Florence Greenberg 13/04/1882 -04/12/1980
Barnett Levine 1884 -19/12/1914
Montague Rothstein
George Hubert Cohen 01/03/1878 -16/05/1915
The Jewish East End

The proportion of the Jewish population to other residents of East London in 1899

  • 95-100%
  • 75-95%
  • 50-75%
  • 25-50%
  • 5-25%
  • < 5%

Find Someone

Use our digitised resources below to find a person living in First World War London.

The British Jewry Book of Honour

The British Jewry Book of Honour is a record of Jews who were killed in action and awarded military honours in the First World War, as well as the nominal rolls of Jews who served, listed by service and by regiment. 

The Jewish Chronicle Archives

The Jewish Chronicle has very generously made their 1914 - 1920 Archives available to We Were There Too participants, free of the usual fee charged for using the Archive. This will enable you to read about the First World War years from a distinctly Jewish perspective and to research your family.

7th May 1915
Sinking of the Lusitania
Off the coast of Ireland
‘The sinking of the Lusitania has transformed the face of the war. Up till recently it was a fight...
Jewish Chronicle
14th May 1915

Featured History Windows

Attack by Winsten, Clare. 1910. ©Ben Uri

Jewish Artists and the First World War

Around 1890 a group of Jewish children were born, who became important artists. They had a large and long lasting impact on British art in the Twentieth Century and each have interesting stories.

The Soul of an Officer, a sketch from one of Siegfried Sassoon’s journals. 1916.©University of Cambridge Digital Library

Poetry and the First World War

First World War poetry provides an access point for subsequent generations to try and understand an intense, complex event in our history, the scale of which seems incomprehensible.

outdoor service for the Jewish Battalion in Ludd Palestine, 1918. ©Jewish Museum

British Jewish Chaplaincy in the First World War, by Jonathan Lewis

In times of conflict a fighting man needed his God!

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